At Naturopathic Health, Debra & Paul have had over 20 years clinical experience each
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Winter is almost here, and the cold, wet weather has hit Adelaide.

Have you suffered with recurrent colds and flu's in the past few years?  Naturopathy focusses on maximising your healthy immune response leading to less antibiotics, less sick days and less days away from school and work.


At Naturopathic Health, Debra & Paul have had over 20 years clinical experience each.


With a broad range of experience they have helped people with issues such as:

  • weight loss
  • digestive problems - such as Reflux, Excessive wind, Dysbiosis and Irritable Bowel syndrome
  • issues with sleep - trouble getting to sleep and those that can't stay asleep
  • recurrent infections, colds and flu, glandular fever
  • lack of energy
  • viruses
  • inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis
  • Symptoms of pH imbalances such as aches, pains, problems losing weight, osteoporosis and even poor muscle growth.
  • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy - with personalised plans allowing them to get the most out of their medical treatment, while staying as healthy as possible.

Debra has spent many years helping hundreds of children with different health conditions, as well as treating people of all ages, from infants all the way through to those lucky ennough to be retired.


Paul has been specialising in complementary oncology, working with people with cancer at various stages of treatment; and general Naturopathic treatments as well.


Over the past 18 months, both Paul and Debra have been researching the impacts of genetic SNP’s in relation to the way individuals use supplements and foods. With this research they can inform patients of specific Gene defects such as MTHFR, COMT, NAT2, CYP1A1, CYP1B1, DAOA.  Then appropriate lifestyle recommendations can be made.  This highly personalised form of medicine helps patients understand which specific foods, or supplements they should be including, or avoiding in their diet. It also may assist in identifying what type of exercise, and diet plan can help a person lose weight.


If you would like to know more about Paul and Debra, simply view Our Practitioners