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At Naturopathic Health, Debra & Paul have had over 20 years clinical experience each
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After a long, hot dry summer, autumn has come.  Although Adelaide still has some warmer days, cooler days and nights are coming and the winter solstice is on its way.  So far this year people have been generally healthy enjoying the sunshine and outdoors.  

With winter around the corner there are keys to maintaining good health.  While people often think of immune health for cold and flu it pays to have a healthy nervous system, and a robust digestive tract. If you can sleep well, manage day to day stresses and have balanced digestion - your whole body will thank you for it.


With the cooler weather, and sun going down earlier- many people are starting to exercise less, and enjoy some slower cooked meals with less fresh foods.  An article on the 28th April in the Sunday Mail even noted hospitals are seeing scurvy (severe lack of Vitamin C).  In winter remember that steaming vegetables results in less nutrient loss.  Of course you can still enjoy oven roasted vegetables, but where possible always lightly steam your greens to get more nutrients from you meal. 


It can be frustrating for people to find that they’re gaining an extra few kilograms over the winter.  There may be nutritional deficiencies that are creating more of a challenge; or a slowing down of your metabolic rate.  If you would like to put together a plan with a professional to address these issues.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll see and feel the results.  Winter is commonly a time where there is a decrease in many peoples Vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D is not just required for healthy bones, but also plays important roles in health of the immune system.  One recent study showed that adequate amounts of Vitamin D can decrease chance of developing the flu.


Some people find that  motivation drops in the cooler, darker months.  There are some wonderful herbs that can help us feel our best such as passiflora, magnolia and siberian ginseng.  Debra and Paul have experience in creating herbal formula's that help pick people up, stay motivated and get them ready to make the most out of everyday.


At Naturopathic Health, Debra & Paul have had over 25 years clinical experience each.


With a broad range of experience they have helped people with issues such as:

  • Lack of energy, and those with chronic tiredness
  • Sleep - trouble getting to sleep and those that can't stay asleep
  • Feeling stressed and overhwhelmed
  • Mild anxiety and depression
  • Digestive problems - such as Reflux, Excessive wind, Dysbiosis and Irritable Bowel syndrome
  • Recurrent infections, colds and flu, glandular fever
  • General viruses that won't go away
  • Symptoms of pH imbalances such as aches, pains, problems losing weight, osteoporosis and even poor muscle growth.
  • Stubborn weight gain
  • Inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis
  • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy - with personalised plans allowing them to get the most out of their medical treatment, while maintaining their health.  These plans work with your oncologists treatment.
  • Hayfever and mild seasonal allergies.

Debra has spent many years helping hundreds of adults and children with different health conditions, she works with people of all ages, from infants all the way through to those lucky enough to be retired.


Paul has been specialising in complementary oncology, working with people with cancer at various stages of treatment; and general Naturopathic treatments as well.  Paul also offers specialised treatment for individuals suffering stress, poor concentration,  memory and motivational issues.


For over 6 years, both Paul and Debra have been assisting clients with the impacts of genetic SNP’s in relation to the way their body uses supplements and foods - a new field known as nutrigenomics. With this research they can inform patients of specific Gene defects such as MTHFR, COMT, NAT2, CYP1A1, CYP1B1, DAOA.  Then appropriate lifestyle recommendations can be made.  This highly personalised form of medicine helps patients understand which specific foods, or supplements they should be including, or avoiding in their diet. It also may assist in identifying what type of exercise, and diet plan can help a person lose weight.


If you would like to know more about Paul and Debra, simply view Our Practitioners