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Better immunity - Naturally



As the cooler weather sets in so does the threat of those dreaded, horrible colds and flu’s.

As a Naturopath of over 25 years it still surprises me that many people feel that the only options to fight off these viruses are with pharmaceutical preparations, cold and flu medications and the flu shot.


While these are definitely suitable options for some people, they may not be the best option for every individual.   I’ve seen many people over the years that come into our clinic searching for other ways to get through the winter season unscathed by too many debilitating illnesses. These people have usually tried many of the treatments mentioned above, but still catch more than their fair share of winter bugs.


We are all different when it comes to the capabilities of our immune systems. Some catch every virus going around the work environment, school, or even just being in the public arena.  Others have a strong resilience and fight things off very effectively before the cold or flu really sets in.


There are many reasons why our immune system capabilities can vary from one to another.

There may be an underlying toxin load stressing the body. There could be lymphatic congestion,  or the health of your gut could be very poor. Of late more and more articles are being written on gut / immune connection. Whatever the factors may be we can work with you to find the underlying stress effecting the function of your immune system.


So if you have done your best trying the usual natural remedies that are commonly used, such as increased vitamin C, Echinacea, elderberry and still can’t seem to get on top of the season, then perhaps there are other factors at play that need to be corrected so that your immune system can do its job effectively.


Here at Naturopathic Health we have the ability to assess the many stresses that may be compromising your immune system.  It could be based in an unhealthy digestive tract, poor energy levels or even just chronic stress.  Once identified we can correct them holistically, naturally and safely without the side effects of some other treatments available.


So if you want to be your healthy best this winter and need some assistance, call us for a consultation.