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    Debra wallis

Debra completed her four year Course at the South Australian College of Natural and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993.  Since that time she has been in private practice.  For more than four years Debra has also lectured students in Children’s Health at a leading Adelaide Naturopathic College.


During her time as a practitioner Debra has developed significant experience in treating a wide range of conditions.  In 1997 she began to develop specific treatments for childhood illnesses and is now considered one of the leading local practitioners in this field.


She has also researched and developed a range of effective herbal and natural treatments for stress management, female hormone imbalances and respiratory and digestive complaints.


Debra gained her honours in Natural Therapies for her work on pre-conceptual nutrition.  She has subsequently worked with many women hoping to conceive as well as those that have never been truly well since the birth of a child.  A variety of hormone tests enable her to provide highly specific treatments for individual patients.


Debra has worked with hundreds of people improving their digestive health using diet, herbal, nutritional and probioitic therapies.


For over 25 years Debra has helped hundreds of people and their families overcome their health issues and enjoy a better quality of life.


As of 2024 Debra will be consulting in Loxton, South Australia as well as her Adelaide clinic.


Debra is an experienced practitioner and recently added The Metabolic Balance Program as a service to her patients. 

The Metabolic Balance–nutrition plan is based on your individual data and scientifically-collected parameters. These parameters include 36 individual blood values, which are important because they show us the nutrients which you need more of and those which you have in sufficient quantities.

This enables us to determine the foods that will give you the greatest possible health benefits. The blood also reveals whether you have inflammations or are susceptible to illnesses. Your personal data includes more information about your health, your eating habits, food intolerances and much more.

It’s this wealth of personal information that makes the Metabolic Balance nutrition plan so unique – as unique as you yourself are.   For more information go to: