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About Us

Naturopathic Health was started by Debra Wallis and Paul Kern in 1998. Both have been qualified Naturopaths since 1993.


Debra and Paul have over 45 years combined clinical experience as practitioners, and have helped many people over the years suffering from digestion problems, recurrent colds, flu’s and illnesses; stress; hormonal and female issues.  Paul has been assisting people with cancer, writing well researched complementary cancer protocols. This allows patients to get the most out of their medical treatments, by using specifically chosen natural supplements in combination with radio or chemotherapy.


Located on King William Rd, on the corner of Mc Gowan Ave, behind Yots Hairdresser. We have our clinic room in the Human health chiropractic centre, with parking at the rear of the premises.

The Naturopathic Health Approach to your Health

Debra Wallis and Paul Kern are strongly committed to the philosophy that underlies Naturopathic practice.  One of the principle beliefs of this philosophy states that in order to maintain  or regain health, it is essential first to remove  all causes of imbalance in the body.  

Some of the fundamental causes include acid / alkaline imbalances, emotional & physical stress, toxin build up and hormonal imbalances to name a few.

Once this has been achieved it is then possible to implement an effective treatment plan to re-establish good health.  As the body increases its capacity to deal with negative influences it produces a reduction of symptoms and the prevailing disease is bought under control.


Naturopathic Health Clinic also has Preventative Health programs.  An annual check up can either reassure patients that their bodily systems are functioning well or alternatively can identify any potential problems that may be more easily resolved at an earlier stage and prevented from developing into larger health issues.


In order to achieve the best outcome for our patients, our initial consultations last for approximately one hour.  This enables us to gain an understanding of the problems that are affecting a patient’s health and vitality.  We utilise a number of reputable tests and procedures in order to assess what treatment is needed to address the existing conditions.  Once the underlying cause is identified we provide an individualised treatment plan designed to restore and maintain the patient's health and energy, on a long term basis.


In 2013 we have added Genetic Health Analysis, this allows us to give you true, individualised care and better health outcomes.  We check for around 200 well known issues, including MTHFR defects.