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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been used by humans for 1000’s of years, as the primary form of medicine by most cultures for a very long time. In todays westernised societies pharmaceutical drugs have become the medicine of choice for many people.


Herbal medicine has always sought to bring people back to health with non-toxic, plant based medicines. These traditionally were teas, or decoctions. Although over the past few hundred years herbal tinctures were made, so a more concentrated liquid form could be used. Of course in the past 50 years herbal tablets and capsules have also become available. The advantage of liquid herbal medicines is that a formulation can contain several herbs so they can be used to treat more than one issue. For example a single herbal formula may be able to address digestive problems, skin problems AND hormonal imbalances.


Our practitioners have had many years experience with making personalised herbal formulations for all types of complaints.


We only use liquid herbal extracts from reputable, Australian suppliers to ensure top quality medicines.


If you are particularly interested in herbal treatments, please speak with your practitioner during your consultation.